Sally Aderton

"Dove Love is a Healer of Healers. We have been friends, colleagues and facilitators for each other’s wellbeing for over a decade. I trust Dove implicitly to create a safety net for me to move my pain and bring more ease to my whole Self. As a Healer, with an International practice for over 30 years, I have experienced nearly every modality possible. As the world continues to embrace complimentary and integrative methods into the mainstream, it is important to know we have options for our wellness. The love that is Dove is truly unique and will make a difference to anyone who comes to him for help."

Emily P.

"I was fortunate to be referred to Dove for Reflexology.  Although reflexology was our main focus (and I have experienced tremendous positive physical change in my feet as a result), Dove has also guided me, at my request (as patterns emerged and revealed where healing was needed), using past life regression, energy healing, and EFT or tapping.  He is a dedicated servant of the heart whose innumerable skills and inherent gifts allow for the creation of sacred space for healing mind, body, spirit, and emotion. Dove's gentle support and genuine desire to foster positive change in the world, starting with himself and his clients, are felt immediately. Dove is happy to accompany his clients as far as they are willing to go on their journeys of insight and awareness. His intuitive understanding of his clients' needs allow him to work as a guide, offering feedback, support, and of course physical and energetic healing. Dove is well versed in a variety of healing techniques, and seamlessly incorporates them into his sessions.  His kindness, empathy, intuitive gifts and passion for his work make him very, very special. He is also professional, prompt and extremely fair. As a fellow energy healer, I appreciate that Dove "walks the walk" through being attuned to his highest self and his own self-care needs, so that he can continue to follow his path, offering unconditional love and healing to all. I am blessed to have found Dove, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to work with him so that you may also experience the support and encouragement to step into unlimited possibility."


Dove Love is beyond talented! He gets right to the root of any problem you may be experiencing, even when you can't put it into words. He is patient, kind, and knowledgeable; and even more important, he is tuned in and aligned with all that is. He interprets your Higher Self's wants and needs in a clear voice, and in such a loving and pure way that it disarms your Ego. I've been seeing him for the past year, and feel so grateful a friend recommended his services to me. I feel empowered after each session, and lighter. My path becomes clearer to me after each tune up. If you are in need of clarity, cleansing, or connection, he's your guy!

Brenda G.

"I started seeing Dove in 2004 for Reflexology.  He provided a very comprehensive foot, hand, and ear reflexology routine coupled with essential oil blends. When I left his office that day I knew I had found a remarkable natural healer. Through the years my respect for him has remained strong and I consider him a key member of my personal wellness team. I recommend buying one of his packages and seeing him as often as you like. I'm always in peak condition after a few consecutive sessions. All my immediate family members have benefitted from Dove's menu of offerings over the years. Whether it's a reflexology session, channeled reading or aromatherapy consultation, Dove is a master practitioner. His work is intuitive, compassionate, thorough, skilled & inspired!"

Fabio M.

"I have had a range of Dove's treatments for a number of reasons; from a sport injury, to anxiety and low energy and he has truly exceeded any expectations I had. I have rarely met anyone with as much empathy and compassion and yet as professional and reliable as Dove; he is an amazing and truly skilled healer who has also helped me to start (and continue) an incredible spiritual journey. In short he's awesome!"

Jason H.

"Over the years, I've probably seen at least 100 different healers... Dove Love is in my all time top 2. His ability to channel beautiful, warm, healing energy is unmatched! San Diego is so lucky to have a healer of his caliber. I've personally paid for 4 of my friends to see him because he's just that incredible. Do yourself a favor & go see him; I guarantee you won't be disappointed."

Ron C.

"A good friend gifted me with a session with Dove. I had no idea of what I was going to experience, but I made an appointment to find out. It was one of the most relaxing and transcendent experiences I have had in a very long time. I wanted more. I booked more time with Dove and quickly discovered the depth of his experience and skills. I have returned many times and have we have worked on several things near and dear to me. What a wonderful soul; wise, caring, insightful, and giving."

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