Drink Water

Drinking water is essential to our health and the function of the body. Water also helps us release emotions and other energetic blockages. So, staying hydrated is vital to overall wellness. Enjoy at least 8 glasses of clean, fluoride free water every day.

Eat Healthy

Vegetables are an essential part of healthy eating and provide a source of many nutrients, including potassium, fiber, folate (folic acid) and vitamins A, E and C. Get a few servings every day and eat organic whenever possible!

Nature Time

Getting outdoors and in nature is an easy way to reduce stress, boost creativity and improve mood. It's also a great way to build immunity and maintain healthy levels of vitamin D. Plus, it's just beautiful!



Hello, my name is DOVE and I'm here on Earth to facilitate and assist in a shift from mind-centered living to the true center,  Heart.  With over 25 years experience in healing arts, with studies in both body and soul work, I offer healing and teaching with a private practice based in San Diego, California.  In addition to inspiring others to love, I use my gifts not only as a Healer,  but in multiple forms as a fine Artist.
Born Ultra-sensitive - psychic, medium, seeing auras, reading energy; and aware of the personal patterns and past lives of others - I was fortunate to grow up in a home that allowed me freedom to explore my gifts.  At a young age I knew my purpose and was committed to understanding my inherent gifts and abilities, and so I studied the worlds of Spirituality, Shamanism, Mysticism, Paganism, Earth Magic, Psychic Phenomenon, Miracles, and Self-Improvement  including various forms of transformative process work and self discovery.  These revelations carried me through my youth and into adulthood by doing ritual, dance, divination, meditation, dream work, channeling, and wholeheartedly focusing on my own healing experience and education.  I feel blessed having a way to joyfully integrate my natural gifts and abilites with my experience and education to be in service to Love!



These sessions explore, discover, guide, and empower personal healing through illumination, transformation, and integration of Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotion, and Beyond for ones highest good.  Incorporating psychic abilities and channeling with various systems of energy healing, intuituve development, process work, soul work, emotional freedom techniques, reflexology, sound, crystals, meditation, divination and more.  The precise combination of modalities is understood in the moment as it pertains to the individuals needs.  This work is always confidential, and created to provide a safe space to experience profound change.  

single appointment  90 minutes/$150

4 appointments (prepaid)/$500
12 appointments (prepaid)/$1500

Remote appointments available via Phone, FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype

The Gift of Energy Healing is a calming, a sense of inter-connectedness, and restoring of the balance and flow of energy within the Chakras, creating harmony in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. By balancing mood and emotion, and releasing stored trauma, we gain greater clarity, centering and grounding. Then we can experience increased intuition and connection to the Divine.
30 min/$50
60 min/$100
90 min/$150

An ancient healing system, Reflexology uses a specific touch technique to ‘reflex’ anatomical maps of the body located on the Feet, Hands, and outer Ears. By activating the nervous system, it is possible to clear blockages and congestion of the nerve pathways and their endings, improving overall function. This reduces stress and allows our natural ability to heal become most optimized.
30 min/$50
60 min/$100
90 min/$150



Pure essential oils are used in every session to help alter one’s mood, cognitive, psychological and physical to aid in balancing and creating well-being.


Private Reiki Training

Reiki is a gentle form of touch healing therapy that uses simple hands-on, no-touch, and visualization techniques, with the goal of improving the flow of life force energy in a person. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means "universal life energy" in Japanese, and Reiki practitioners detect and alleviate problems of energy flow on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Reiki is a great therapy for self healing, and is also used to improve the symptoms of various health conditions.

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Tuesday & Thursday  2, 4, or 6pm
Wednesday & Friday 12, 2, or 4pm

Saturday  12pm

Emerald Hills, San Diego 92114
Please call, text, or email for details.
Accepting Cash, Check, Venmo, 
and Credit Cards
Same rates for Remote sessions:
Phone, FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype

24 hour Cancellation Notice or pay 50% of session rate.